The Wild 5 Minutes Of The Cats

Do you know that too? The cat runs wildly through the apartment, banging one hook after the other and doing lots of funny things about which we sometimes have to wonder pretty much? Oh yes, these are the famous 5 minutes of the cats. But what does that mean? And should we be worried about that?

It can be a bit of a laugh to see your own cat running wildly through the apartment, she jumps on all sorts of furniture and seems to chase after things that do not really exist. The wild 5 minutes of cats can be quite entertaining for spectators. Today I want to tell you what the famous 5 minutes are all about.

Typical actions of the cat
  • Wild run through the apartment
  • Verfolgungsjagdten
  • Pursuit and hunt for imaginary things
  • Sudden, rigid persistence
  • Jump on tables, chairs, cabinets

Are the '5 minutes' normal?
Many see this behavior of the cat as 'not normal'. It is more than typical for cats. And right away: your cat does not spin and 'harmful' are the 5 minutes not even for your cat. Still, you should ask yourself why she runs so wildly around the apartment - especially if she does so very often.

Reasons For The 5 Minutes Of The Cats
Cats are hunting wildly through the apartment to reduce excess energy. Probably there has not been so much going on recently and your cat has accumulated a lot of energy and frustration. Above all, one can observe the 5 minutes with flat cats particularly often, because here it is the cats the most difficult, their energy in natural drives such as hunting, or lurking for prey to break down.

In these 5 minutes, Kitty lets everything out, what has accumulated, the so-called substitute action is a welcome valve for them. After that, she'll probably fall back on the couch, relax and pretend that nothing had happened. Energy dissipated - everything is fine again.

The Wild 5 Minutes Of The Cats

So you can support your cat
Of course, we can help our cats get rid of their accumulated energy. We can provide you with incentives in your own home, which occupy and challenge the cats. And, of course, extended and fixed hours of play are part of everyday life in every cat's household. If your cat is a single cat, a second cat will do her good. Although this does not replace your attention, but the boredom has it so much harder. It is also helpful to give the cat clearance - of course, only if it allows your living environment.

Examples of employment
  • Employment games for cats (look here)
  • Scratching posts or climbing course in the apartment
  • Cat-human time
  • Daily fixed game hours
  • Hunting games with cat fishing
  • Balls to chase after (look here)

I hope I could contribute a bit to the education about the famous 5 minutes of cats. And maybe you've found one or the other point where you can help your cat to lose excess energy.

Until then, it's good! Your Annika with a fluffy attachment
Right Behavior, If Neighbor's Cat Wants To Move In With You

One or two of you may know that our sweet little Shadow decided to move in with us once and was once a neighbor's cat. Today it's about how you behave best as a cat owner in this situation - the cats opposite and also the neighbors.

In my opinion, it is one of the most intriguing things about cats - they pick their own owner and do not just stay where they do not like it or they get little affection. The speech is, of course, only of freelancers - is clear.

If Neighbor's Cat Wants To Move In With You
That's exactly what happened to us. Our kitten, Shadow, decided to live with us and our two-man team two years ago. (You can read Shadow's story here ). Recently, a dear reader, has written to me with the request for advice, because even with her, a cat lady from the neighborhood for the collection makes an effort. For this to work well, you should pay attention to a few things. And that is exactly why it should be today.

Why Cats Are Looking For A New Home
There can be many reasons here. I want to list a few:
  • Lack of attention (holder is much gone)
  • Cat feels lonely
  • Cat is doused by other cats
  • Too much stress in the home (noise, too many people)
  • Cat is not treated well
  • Cat does not get along well with kids
  • Cat feels neglected by baby
  • Cat gets too little food

Cats usually do not go by the motto "so I'm going away, let's see where I come from", but have usually already chosen a new home before they say goodbye to the old home.

What Is Different In The New Home?
Again, there can be a variety of reasons. Most likely, the new home is simply more comfortable for the cat. Much less stress, much more attention, regular food and possibly also cat mate. Or no cat that annoys you and a lot of petting a quiet person.

How Do I Behave Towards The Neighbors?
If you notice that the neighbor cat is staying with you more often, you should definitely inform the neighbor about it. This should be aware of what it is that his cat is looking for the proximity of another house and its inhabitants. First and foremost is the welfare of the cat. Are you ready to take this cat? Well, the cat will be very happy about that. What you definitely need is the consent of the previous owner. Simply taking in a cat without notifying the owner and discussing everything with him does not work!

Right Behavior, If Neighbor's Cat Wants To Move In With You

If The Cats Do Not Tolerate Each Other
If the cat decides to move to you, then it has good reasons. Nevertheless, it can happen that it does not immediately arrive well with the cats already living in the household.

That was also the case for me. My cat Puschi loves all catladies, he had absolutely no problems with Shadows move in. Mammina, on the other hand, always scared Shadow away. Mammina is a little diva, she quickly becomes effervescent if you pay more attention to another cat than you do. In addition, a third cat enters their territory, which of course must be defended. After all, it is up to you, the owners, the cats to facilitate living together and to provide less rivalry in the house.

How You As A Keeper Can Support Your Cats
  • You as a holder play a central role in the peaceful coexistence of the new triad. First and foremost, you should consciously decide to accept the new cat . Cats feel the attitude of their counterpart. If she is still 'neighbor's cat' to you, she will not be accepted properly by all four-legged members.
  • Shadow has felt a remarkable difference in their behavior from the second we said, okay, you're officially here now.
  • In addition, you should never prefer the new cat . This is difficult, because you want to pay a lot of attention to the new cat, if she did not get it before. But that would stoke the jealousy of the other cats. So take care of the cats that have lived with you before. Remember that your affection, despite the new cat does not change them, they see the entry of the new cat relaxed.
  • In order not to confuse your cats any further, you should not break any rules because of the new cat. Cats are very important to rituals to feel good. So be sure to stop all the rituals that have been done so far . This includes things like mealtimes, seasons, pats and the well-known places. Feeders or the litter box should continue to stand where it was and your cats should continue to sleep there or stay where they were allowed to.
  • Avoid any food offense . All cats should be given food or treats at the same time, and no cat should steal the other's food. Often the weaker cats (usually the new ones) are attacked while eating. Simply to make the dominance clear.
  • Joint activities increase acceptance and strengthen the new pack. Now your skills as a cat owner are in demand. If the situation turns out to be so, you should at the same time deal with two cats, who still have to get used to each other. When she tries to stroke her at the same time, she tries to pet at the same time (luckily we have two hands) or think of other common activities. With us common walks have made small miracles.
  • One thing is very important, the cats always have to establish their own ranking, For example, Puschi is clearly the boss here, there is no way around him. Then comes our little diva Mammina and Shadow finally had to submit to everyone - which she had no problem with. It still happens today that one or the other tries to shake things up, but that's normal for cats. In order to produce such a hierarchy, the cats do not come around for scuffles with each other. Since like one (or more) cat blow is given, as is breathed and also screamed something. But that's what the cats have to do. You as a cat owner should only intervene if a cat fight could lead to injuries. I know, it's often hard to watch, but your cats have to get through to live together peacefully later on.
  • There are homeopathic remedies that can help your cats in such a situation. Bach flowers or homeopathic remedies can be used for more acceptance and less jealousy . The best way to do this is to have a behavioral therapist for cats who can advise you in choosing the right remedy for your case.
  • The most important thing is to give you and the new pack time . In the fewest cases, everything works after a week or a month. Mammina distributes even today one or the other paw slash. Very harmless and without claws. Just to show it, hey, I'm the stronger one.

I think if two (or even three) completely different cats can live together after some time, without attacking or hurting, this is really a great way! Stay tuned, that can really work!

PS: By the way, intentionally feeding foreign cats is a no-go!
Uncleanliness in Cats : Reasons & Triggers

Does your cat sometimes miss? Reasons for uncleanliness in cats are almost like sand on the sea. And as different as the cat characters are, so different may be the reasons for uncleanliness. That's why this time I'm dealing with the triggers of uncleanliness.

Many say that the uncleanliness came quite suddenly, some report of 'always'. Sometimes it seems that the cat itself does not know whether to make it to or in the litter box today.

But One Thing The Cat Never Wants. Annoy You! And That Is Very Important!
A cat does not just pee on the door, on the sofa or on the shelf. The cat is not mean and wants to annoy you. She has her reasons. And she wants to tell you in kitsch that there is something that bothers her. It is very typical of the species.

Now it's up to you to figure out what's the cause of the cat's messiness. I would like to enumerate some known triggers that often lead to uncleanliness in cats.

Reasons For Uncleanliness In Cats
  • Moving (the cat loses her usual territory)
  • Changing the apartment / new furniture
  • New partners (the cat feels neglected or worried by new partners)
  • New, animal housemates
  • Loss and mourning for a partner (animal or human)
  • The cat is alone too long
  • The cat is not busy enough (fixed seasons)
  • The cat lacks routine (cats love routine!)
  • Hustle, noise, loud noises (cats hate loud screams or door-slamming!)
  • A baby moves in (neglect? Jealousy?)
  • Threat of foreign cats (animals) inside or outside the apartment
  • Accommodation in pet board (or foreign house) during the absence of the holder
  • Craftsman in the house
  • Places that the cat was allowed to use earlier are suddenly taboo
  • Missing social partners (second cat)
  • Stress of any kind
  • Frequent parties / often strangers in the apartment
  • The cat is locked out
  • The cat is suddenly denied clearance
  • New feeding bowls
  • Mistakes related to the cat litter box (all you can find here )
  • Threat during the business on the cat toilet
  • Bad experience while using the cat litter box
  • illness

If I'm honest, I could keep the list going forever. But I think you also get such a good insight into the psychic life of the sensitive cats. Even many little things that people do not even notice can cause stress for the cat. That may mean that the sofa is suddenly different. But even a loud dispute between the owners can cause enormous stress in the cat and lead to uncleanliness. Here it is very special to reach out to the cat and find out what the trigger could be.

Is My Cat Ill?
Often your cat also wants to tell you by her uncleanliness that she is not feeling well. Therefore, you should always play it safe and go with your cat to the vet. (Or let the vet come). My personal opinion is that when you make the decision to buy a cat, you are also responsible for your well-being. With a check at the vet you do not rush into extreme expenses and that should be worth a cat.

Uncleanliness in Cats : Reasons & Triggers

If Only It Were The Uncleanliness
Sometimes it's not just dirtiness, sometimes the cat starts scratching at the door frame she pees on. I think help is needed here. A local cat therapist who can visit and observe you, meet you and your cat, and see the home environment will help you with the problem. Here the limit of virtual helping is exceeded

To ask for expert help in cats is still a taboo topic for some. Maybe it's embarrassing - I do not know. In dogs, the inhibition threshold is much lower and it is much easier and often exceeded. Sometimes just the tip of the therapist is enough. So rather invest in the recovery of the cat and save weeks, months or even years full of trouble, urine smell and broken furniture.

And Further?
Maybe one or the other of you already did a 'click' while reading my bullet points and you can already guess for yourself what triggers the uncleanness of your cat.

My Uncleanliness series will definitely go further. In the next articles on this topic, I deal with, among other things, the correct behavior in case of uncleanliness.
Aggression Against Humans: Why Cats Bite Or Beat

Do you have a cat at home that sometimes suddenly beats or bites out of the blue? And have you ever wondered why she does that? Today I would like to explain the reasons why cats show aggression against humans.

Ouch! Such a cat strike can hurt a lot! But why did it even happen?

That's what I asked myself at that time, with my sweet cat Noa. Out of nowhere, he could attack my arm, bit while petting or had it on my feet. His behavior was completely unclear to me at the time. Today I know why it was that Noa attacked his people.

Aggression In Cats
First off the front, that no misunderstandings arise. Aggression in cats is completely normal and sometimes vital. Aggression is the language of the cat. The only problem is that we do not speak the same language and do not understand what she's trying to tell us.

It almost never happens that a cat bites or hits a person without first warning them. If the person does not recognize the warning, a blow follows. For the cat very clear - painful and unexplainable for humans.

By the way: did you know that short-haired cats are usually a bit more aggressive than their long-haired comrades? In addition, the aggressiveness in cats often increases with age.

Types Of Aggression In Cats
Unfortunately, more and more often I hear about cats that are aggressive towards their owners. The causes can be diverse, yet you can roughly divide them.
  • The cat reacts aggressively because it wants or needs to defend itself
  • The cat reacts aggressively because it attacks (to clarify something)

  • Lack of socialization of the cat

The inadequate socialization of the cat to humans or in general is one of the main causes of aggression of the cat. Here the cat simply does not blame. She did not grow up with people and is just afraid of him.

To "fix" the lack of socialization in humans is a difficult and lengthy undertaking and sometimes not possible at all.

In addition, if the cat was separated from her mother too early in her first weeks of life (before the 12th week), she missed her most formative mother-kitten phase and will face conspicuousness throughout her life. This includes the sudden attack of her owner.

Incidentally, this type of aggression is especially common in games. If the cat has not learned what play and game hunting is like as a mini and a young kittens age, the cat may attack its humans while playing and snatch at moving parts of the body.

  • The human has disregarded the individual distance of the cat

Yes, even a cuddly cat does not want to be touched anywhere. Sometimes the cat is stroked too long in one place, which in the long run becomes uncomfortable. Or she is generally stroked "too long" and wants to show people that it is good too.

The cat signals to humans that it is time to stop now. But often people do not recognize the sign of caution. The cat finds it outrageous and gives it a clear signal with a blow or a bite.

This also means that a cat does not want to be disturbed or touched while eating, grooming and sleeping.

Even we humans do not want to be touched everywhere, by everyone and constantly. Only we express ourselves differently than cats.

  • Pain-triggering actions

If we hurt the cat, it clearly tells us with a blow that it was not ok. This can happen when stroking, playing, or accidentally, for example when we kick her on the tail. If it was a little worse, the emergency pharmacy for cats can provide  first aid.

That the cat defends here, however, or reflexes, is somehow clear, right?

By the way, an absolute no-go is to fight back, push away the cat, inflict pain on her, or become aggressive in some way.

First, because the cat reacts cat-typical and only we humans often do not understand it and second, because it would worsen the relationship between cat and human. The cat would be afraid of its owner, would pull back or show even more aggressiveness out of fear .
Why It Is So Important To Adopt Cats And Not To Buy

At the moment, the Munich Animal Shelter is doing a big campaign with actor Hannes Jaenicke and sports reporter Andrea Kaiser, in which it is advertised to adopt animals and not to buy. I put the hashtag #adoptdontshop under almost every Instagram post, because the topic is personally very important to me.

At a young age, I naively and ignorantly made the mistake of buying a cat. Fortunately, this came from a private household and no mass breeding, but today I know that this was wrong. No question, I loved my little cat above all else and I do not want to miss the time with him today. I got my sweet tooth with just six weeks, way too early! I did not know better then. Luckily, my cat was always fine, even if, looking back on my current knowledge, I noticed some behavioral problems with him.

But you learn from mistakes. That's why it's even more important for me to share my experiences with you. So you can do it better than me then.

Cats From The Internet
Many cats are offered for sale on the internet. Where these really come from, you can probably only partially guess. Cats are often used as 'breeding machines' to take away the kitten early and sell them. The cats have neither the necessary medical precaution, nor are they socialized in an appropriate way. If you buy one of these cats - they are still so sweet - you support with his money these machinations. As long as the money goes, that will not stop, because this is not about the cat, but about business.

Adopt Cats
There are so many other ways to take in a cat. Hundreds of cats are housed and mediated annually in animal shelters or animal welfare organizations. For example, they are rescued from poor posture, given by people who can no longer afford an animal or are rescued and nursed back on the street. Hard to believe, but in Germany there are about two million stray cats!

We adopted our cat Mammina via an animal protection organization from Sardinia. Actually, she should 'only' come to us as a foster cat and be forwarded when she is ready. But we and our cat Puschi fell madly in love with Mammina and we could not let her go. Mammina shows us today - after much patience, time and work - her love and gratitude. I could not imagine a life without our little anchovy.

Why It Is So Important To Adopt Cats And Not To Buy

Support By Animal Rights Activists
When choosing your cat you will get help from the animal shelter staff or the animal rights activists who know their animals exactly and together with you select the right cat for you. Here you should not only go after the appearance of the cat, but to get to know their character during visits and explore whether the chemistry is right. Personally, I'm a proponent of a multi-cat household - so why not adopt two cats at once ?

With an adoption you save a sad little soul and give it a new, happy home. And you will see, your cat will thank you very much later!

PS: All my three cats are adopted by the way ♥

Why A Castration Obligation For Free-Range Cats Can Save Lives

The castration obligation for free-range cats is a much discussed topic. I can understand why many do not want to have their cats castrated. Cats babies are finally sweet! However, once you have experienced the suffering of free-range cats that do not have a steady home, you may be able to understand why many animal rights activists are in favor of a general castration obligation. Today I would like to write a few of my thoughts about it.

My First Experience With Stray Cats
For the first time I came in contact with strays at the age of about six years. It was already dark outside, but a strange noise - yes screams - kept us awake. We went out to see where this sound came from. In front of our house my parents had stacked firewood on the wall. What we discovered behind it? A cat mum just got her kittens. A truly touching sight! The cat mummy was a stray dog. We took care of the mommy and one of her kittens. At that time we were able to convey the others to a loving home. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if the cat had not born her kittens right in front of our house ...

It was already clear to our neighbor that something had to be done to deal with the suffering, which often goes hand in hand with strays. Gradually, she managed to neuter all strays in the area. So that was the first and last time that we had kittens. At that time, as a young child, I did not even know what that all meant.

My Second Experience With Stray Cats
My second experience with stray cats was on a holiday in Italy. Although it was also very sad, this experience was one of the most touching of my life at the same time.

Like many cat fans, I can not go on vacation without a cat. For years my husband and I go to the same house in Tuscany once a year. There are a lot of stray cats in Italy. Most of them, as so often, uncastrated.

There is a beautiful tortoiseshell lady on the spot, we christened her Chico. Year after year she spends our holiday week with us. She sleeps on the chairs in front of the house, gets food from us when we are there and a lot of petting. On our second holiday there, we heard that Chico had a very young offspring. We never saw her kittens, she hid them pretty well. On our last holiday evening I heard in the evening a loud screaming and Viepen in front of the door. I opened it and saw Chico with her kitten in her mouth. She had brought her to us. I still do not know why. Did she want to show it to us? Or did she know we could help her?

The little red kitten was estimated to be just four weeks old, helpless. I knew I was his first human contact, so I was aloof and just gave them food. The little kitten stood on the plate and ate eagerly. They spent the whole night with us. After that, I never saw it again ...

Since then, every holiday for us, Chico, means to provide us with their offspring. The last time we were there, we even met two generations of offspring. I do not want to imagine what hardships that must be for Chico. This could save her and her offspring so much suffering. With a castration.

Why A Castration Obligation For Free-Range Cats Can Save Lives

My Third Experience With Stray Cats
The problem with always giving birth cats is not only in Italy, no, we have it here too. A few years ago our distant neighbors brought home a group of cats from their vacation, let them run around freely, but not castrate them. Every year there are 2x a year offspring. Of course, also among each other. This is then partially sold, or he simply stays here and soon gives birth to many, many kittens.

Uncastrated cats have a much larger area than castrated cats. This also means that they take much greater risks when walking through their territory. Many of them end with death.

Since uncastrated tomcats also rarely tolerate other hangovers in their territory, it often leads to real power struggles among the cats. My Puschi can sing a song about it, too often he has become the victim of an uncastrated cat. Of these battles, he was sometimes already so bad injuries that they had to be treated with antibiotics.

My Opinion On The Castration Obligation For Free-Range Cats
All these experiences really only allow me to come to a conclusion. So much suffering could be avoided, one would introduce a general castration obligation for free-range cats. I know, offspring is super cute, but not the suffering that just too often goes with it.

Every year the shelters are overcrowded because they have to absorb a lot of kittens, mostly from cats who enjoy free passage and have been able to reproduce unhindered. Every year, too many cats die as they feel the urge to roam their great territory under many dangers. Every year, cats die violently in battle with dominant, uncastrated cats / cats.

In Germany there are an estimated two million stray cats. From a mating of cats arise in about five years about 12,600 descendants. On farms, in industrial areas, in backyards, in forests. The suffering is often hidden and therefore not known or conscious. Who can stop this suffering? We!

Here I have linked to you a list in which cities in Germany there is now the castration obligation for release cats. I'm not connected to the linked club, I think the information is only interesting.

Let me know how you feel about this topic!
Tips: So You Animate Your Cat To Drink

As you know, I have three cats. Not every one of them drinks the same amount. While Mammina is very exemplary in terms of drinking, I rarely see Puschi slurping water. Is your cat drinking a little? Then today I have a few tips for you, how you can animate your cat to drink.

I have set up in our apartment two water bowls, where I see Mammina more often, Shadow sometimes and Puschi never drink ... Since we have a stream directly outside the house and some ponds and ponds, I assume (or I have it also seen more often) that Puschi takes his necessary fluid only outdoors.

If you also have a few lazy candidates at home, then today I have some tips for you on how your cats can / could drink more.

Animate Cats To Drink

Several Drinking Cups
Why put only a drinking bowl in the apartment / in the house? If you offer your cat several options for drinking, it may mean that she drinks more. Maybe you do not like the one drinking place for some reason, another one all the more.

So my tip: set up in your apartment but two or more drinking cups in different rooms and on different levels. Do you have a balcony, a terrace or a garden? Then you can also offer your cat a drinking place here.

Place Correctly
I have told you before , but drinking bowls have nothing to look for in cats next to the feeding bowls. Since cats in the wild do not drink where they eat, this is also common in cats in housing . Therefore, the drinking cup should be a few meters - better still in another room.

In addition, the drinking area should be protected from drafts and also in a quiet place where the cat does not feel observed by other cats or people.

Wet Food
Who feeds his cats wet food, does his cat something good. Because, as the name already suggests, wet food contains much more liquid than dry food. Dry food as the sole food is not suitable for cats. When cats eat dry food, they should always drink water.

Wet food, on the other hand, already covers the liquid content of a cat.

Water Tap
Some cats love to drink from the running tap.

Animate Cats To Drink

My sweet cat mouse Shadow is also such a candidate. She jumps on the edge of our bathtub and sits next to the tap. Then of course she expects me to get him up and running. As soon as it trickles, she drinks it and grabs the drops. The running water animates many cats to drink. Give it a try. Maybe your cat is crazy about running taps.

Drinking Fountain
Similar to the running faucet, it is a drinking fountain in cats. This is in a quiet place in the apartment and always flows easily to himself. Many cats love this and feel animated for drinking.

Playful For Drinking
Sometimes it is hard work to encourage your cats to drink. You have to come up with something. What my cat Mammina loves is a table tennis ball floating in a tub filled with water. Then she playfully hits the ball with her paws and also drinks some water. Maybe that's good for your cat too. Just be creative ...

Animate Cats To Drink

Ice Cubes
Ice cubes are a great idea, especially in summer. Just put a few ice cubes on a plate and let your cat play with it and lick it. In summer, they have the great side effect that the cats not only take liquid, but also cool off a bit.

Do you have another great idea how to animate cats to drink, then let me know and I'll include it in my list.